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There are 20 million Pluton in total, a small fraction of this was sold as part of a crowd sale to raise funds for the product.
The remaining Pluton is locked in deep cold storage to be awarded to users of the Plutus Card. Every time a user spends with their Plutus Card, they will earn up to 3% crypto reward in Pluton.
Total Supply
Token Sale (2016)
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What Can I Do With PLU?
Spend it
Via your Plutus Card at 60+ million merchants.
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Hold PLU to upgrade your account.
Earn it
Unlock additional rewards via Plutus Perks.
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To friends and family on the blockchain.
Pluton Rewards
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30 BTC
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30 BTC
Understand the
Pluton Reward Rate
The PLU reward rate is deflationary, meaning as usage of our services grow, the rate at which PLU is emitted to our members decreases. Our reward model ensures token scarcity which provides additional value to our Plutus members.
How does it work?
If the volume on the PlutusDEX is under 30 BTC, the Pluton Reward rate will equal 3%.
After that, each 0.1 BTC increase in volume causes a 0.0165% decrease in rewards.
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