Integrating Cryptocurrencies into Everyday Lives
Plutus is an incredibly secure crypto-friendly finance app. Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur, Danial Daychopan, Plutus is now used by thousands across Europe and our team of highly skilled professionals are continuing to rapidly grow the product.
We empower users to
Manage their Fiat
We are not a bank, but we provide all the same financial services offered by challenger banks, and more, to truly empower our customers.
Manage their Cryptocurrencies
We bring overdue convenience to the industry by allowing users to manage both fiat and crypto from the same user interface. We have also achieved this without handling any of the users’ crypto-assets.
Securely exchange between the two
We provide an intuitive and incredibly secure decentralised exchange, conveniently built into our web and mobile app so users can flick between assets 24/7, 365 days a year.
Top-up a Debit Card (with Fiat or Crypto) and Spend
We enable millions of enthusiasts to make use of their crypto-assets and spend at over 400 million merchants worldwide utilising the existing VISA infrastructure.
Earn rewards in the process
Every time a user tops up their Plutus Debit Card, they earn 3% back in Pluton (PLU); a decentralised loyalty token with a wide range of benefits. Rewarding regular debit card shoppers with tokens will inadvertently introduce them to the crypto ecosystem.
Our values
Growth of the Blockchain Ecosystem
Customers who have never owned or even heard of crypto will inadvertently become hodlers of PLU for using their Plutus Debit Card. We have developed a financial services platform for everyday users with banking needs that provides crypto rewards when topping up one's card balance.
Be User-Friendly
Cryptocurrencies have long been associated with the tech-savvy. We want to simplify the processes so even novice users can integrate them into their daily lives. We have mimicked the familiar mobile banking format but for cryptocurrencies, so our users can quickly accustom themselves with the new digital coins.
A Secure Mind
Plutus offers unrivalled security. Our team of veterans foresaw the rise in cyber-crime and took every precaution possible to guarantee the safety of customer assets. Unlike alternative crypto companies, we leave our users’ in full control of their crypto assets which means there is no need for them to trust unsecure 3rd parties.
We believe a large reason traditional banks are falling behind, is their failure to accommodate the customers’ needs. We will continually build and develop new and improved features that add real value to our customers.
Highly Compliant
There is still uncertainty surrounding how future regulations will impact the rapidly growing crypto industry. Since our inception, we have taken every precaution necessary to remain 100% regulatory compliant across all areas, guaranteeing our longevity in the ever-changing market.
What our community is saying
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I’m not the most tech savvy but the app is actually really easy to use which is a massive plus for me.
I left some crypto on an exchange last year and it got hacked 😢 I only use DEX’s now so the fact Plutus made this possible is impressive!
Currently on holiday in Berlin and just paid for a round with my Plutus card, my first ever purchase with crypto. Felt good.
Shout out to @Plutus customer service, super helpful throughout and had a nice chat afterwards
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