The Team

With a combined experience of over forty years in payments, financial trade and software development, the Plutus team is more than well prepared to revolutionize the practical usage of bitcoin and improve the standards of the industry and its use of blockchain technology.

Danial Daychopan

A FinTech entrepreneur and an early ambassador of digital currencies. Dan has been immersed by blockchain to deliver innovative payments systems and licensed crypto exchanges since 2013.

Jasper Tay

Previously a bond trader and a FinTech entrepreneur with nearly a decade in the financial markets. Most recently he launched an all-to-all hedge fund trading platform for credit derivatives.

Minyi Soon
Chief Product Officer

Minyi has a diverse background across asset management, blockchain, product and tech. Most recently she managed the digital asset platform of a crypto digital-asset exchange.

Break into the blockchain space
Top up your Plutus Debit Card with Bitcoin/Ethereum. Pay at any POS terminal with your card or phone, earn rewards.