Rewarding Debit Card for Crypto Enthusiasts
Top up your Plutus Debit Card and spend anywhere to earn 3% crypto reward.
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Convert your PLU or ETH and use the resulting balance for everyday shopping.
Top-up your VISA Debit Card with GBP or EUR and make instant payments.
Spend Crypto Anywhere
On The Go
Instantly swap crypto assets in-app to top-up your Plutus Card.
Full Control
Never trust a 3rd party with possession of your assets ever again.
Earn crypto reward
Earn a 3% reward on every purchase made with your Plutus Card.
Complete control of funds
Using cutting edge technology, we’ve made it possible to link your personal cryptocurrency wallet to your Plutus Card without revealing your private keys.
This means you can convert your crypto assets to fund your Plutus Card without having to trust any centralised third​ party.
Not your keys, not your crypto.
Double Dip Rewards
crypto reward
Receive 3% crypto reward in Pluton on every purchase.Pluton Rewards
cash back
Up to 15% cash back for shopping online.Plutus Perks
By holding on to your earned Pluton, you unlock Plutus Perks which gives you additional cash back on top of the 3% crypto reward at some of your favourite retailers.
World-Class Security
We enforce 2FA and time lock JWT tokens used for authentication for added safety to our customers’ accounts.
No security concerns
Our services are provided under the FCA guidelines and we ensure all customer deposits are held in segregated bank accounts.
Cash back on top of crypto reward
Boost your savings!