A Next-Generation Debit Card for Crypto Enthusiasts
Top up your Plutus Debit Card with fiat or crypto and spend anywhere. Earn up to 3% in rewards on card spending.
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Convert your PLU or ETH and use the resulting balance for everyday shopping.
Top-up your VISA Debit Card with GBP or EUR and make instant payments.
Convert Crypto &
Spend on the go
Our customers can convert crypto assets to top-up their Plutus debit card, the exchange takes place between users on our built-in peer-to-peer trading platform. As a result, we do not hold customer funds and users can make use of their assets for everyday spending.
Complete control of funds
Using cutting edge technology, we’ve made it possible to tie your personal cryptocurrency wallet to the Plutus app without revealing your private keys.
This means, unlike alternative crypto cards, ​you don’t have to trust any centralised 3​ parties to handle your crypto assets.
Accepted Worldwide
The Plutus Debit Card empowers users with access to financial services and enables instant payments using fiat or crypto across nearly 200 countries.
From large-scale retailers to local corner shops, we guarantee fast and reliable payments at over 400 millions merchants, 24/7.
World-Class Security
We enforce 2FA on every app login and time lock JWT tokens used for authentication for added safety to our customers’ accounts.
No security concerns
All bank deposits are protected by our regulated and routinely audited payments provider so we can certify flawless spending without security concerns.
Everyday Rewards
Everytime you spend on your Plutus Debit Card with fiat or crypto, you will earn up to 3% back in the form of Pluton (PLU), a decentralised loyalty token that provides a wealth of benefits. PLU can be sent to friends, exchanged for real cash, and possess a wide range of other benefits to the holder.
Get started
1Download the Plutus mobile app
2Go through our KYC verification
3Order your Plutus Debit Card