An Incredibly Fast and User-Friendly DEX
Top up your Plutus Debit Card with fiat or crypto and spend anywhere.
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Fund your Account with Crypto
Live Rates

Turn your crypto assets into a fiat balance in a matter of seconds.
Provide utility
to Crypto
You are purchasing crypto directly from users looking to top-up their Plutus Debit Card with cryptocurrency. The GBP or EUR used for the purchase helps fuels a seller's card balance.
Become a Member
for a Zero-Fee
Subscribe to our Premium/Pro services and we will raise your trading limits. You’ll be able to freely and securely exchange money in and out of crypto.
Experience the Highest Security Levels
By using our DEX, your crypto assets are 100% immune from company hacks or downtime. You hold sole ownership of the private keys at all times, removing any security concerns.
Get started
1Download the Plutus mobile app
2Go through our KYC verification
3Order your Plutus Debit Card
We’re currently in pilot testing mode - our cards are with members of the Plutus community and will open to public in several weeks.
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